Tile Maintenance

Tile Maintenance

Porcelain tile is one of the easiest flooring options to maintain. It typically consists of a natural stain and is nearly impervious to water making maintenance a cinch. Spills are easily wiped away from the tile surface. The same goes for glazed ceramic tile.

However, be warned that grout isn’t always so easy. Grout needs to be sealed regularly (every couple years depending on location and use) to help minimize staining. Even then, lighter grouts can build up dirt and residue over time becoming dingy and dull.

With an increasing global consciousness related to keeping the environment clean, more and more people around the world are opting for green products. Especially when it comes to our homes. Rather than going for strong chemicals and bleaches that can be harmful, there is a growing awareness that we can keep our homes clean using natural homemade remedies.

By using one basic household product, you can clean almost everything in your house in an eco-friendly matter. This includes the tiled floors, of course, although not all types. Yes, we’re talking about vinegar! Opting for a natural tile floor cleaner is easy and low-cost and while vinegar may not have the best smell, it can certainly make your tiles shine.